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Public Kickoff Green Data Hub

The Green Data Hub is the core project on Data for Sustainability of the Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO), the Austrian association for the promotion of the data economy. As a strong networking platform, the Green Data Hub invites all Austrian and European stakeholders along the data value chain to work together on a fundamental challenge: To consistently align data transformation with sustainability and to design it in a way that protects the climate and conserves resources.
To this end, data-driven use cases for contributing to climate goals are developed based on collaborative, sovereign and secure data use in Data Spaces. The Data Spaces are aligned with the BMK’s strategic fields of action: Energy Transition, Mobility Transition, Circular Economy and Digital Climate Twin. In the course of the R&D-DL „Data Service Ecosystem“ funded by the BMK and handled by the FFG, these use cases are documented, reusable modules are developed from them and made available for further use in the ecosystem. In addition, to enable scalability, the Data Spaces and Use Cases will be connected across domains and internationally. The goal is to establish a sustainable European data service ecosystem in which sustainable innovations are created. Cooperation is the guiding maxim in this process: through cross-organizational and cross-national collaboration, a value-added benefit for the general public is created. We invite you to join forces and create a sustainable European data service ecosystem!

Take part in shaping it yourself: The interactive public kickoff event

On October 12, 2022 between 14:00-18:45, we will jointly set the course for the sustainable and digital Twin Transition. Together with high-profile experts from business, government, research, climate protection and international data ecosystem initiatives, we will discuss why data is part of the solution we need to achieve climate goals, how collaboration in a data service ecosystem can contribute to environmental protection in addition to business value, and which key issues need to be tackled most urgently.

Here’s what you can expect at the Green Data Hub Public Kickoff

You will be offered an insight into the Green Data Hub activities already underway and learn how you and your company can actively engage in the development of data-driven use cases to achieve climate goals as part of the Green Data Hub. In this way, we can help shape a sustainable future together.

Do you want to develop innovative new business models and protect the environment at the same time?

The Data Spaces for Sustainability provide the platform for leveraging a sovereign cross-company data diversity.
This allows you to collaborate with other organizations to develop innovative new use cases that combine environmental protection and business value.The event tangibly demonstrates the potential of data-driven collaboration by showcasing best practices.

Do you want to find use case partners who share your focus and thus benefit from synergies?

By working together in domain-specific small groups, you will get to know partners who share your exact focus.
In this way, you can find relevant use case partners for joint sustainable projects and save resources through the use of synergies.

Do you want to scale your data-driven use cases across national borders and learn from pioneers?

Experts in data-driven collaboration discuss how use cases can be connected on an international level.
Through trusted cross-country collaboration, you can efficiently scale the impact of regional projects on an international scale.

As the event is live, there is a limited number of participants.

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