Green Data Economy and Society

The Austrian federal government has drawn up a climate and energy strategy to achieve the ambitious EU targets and national goals. For this, the Green Data Hub provides support at all levels.

Main focus of the Green Data Hub

Current climate and environmental challenges require rapid action.

To achieve the ambitious EU targets and national goals, the federal government has drawn up an Austrian climate and energy strategy (#mission2030). The national long-term climate strategy 2050 and the goal of emission neutrality by the year 2050 require a massive transformation process in order to achieve the transition to a green economy. Data has a significant, even decisive role to play in this process.

Digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) require large amounts of data to be trained for specific application areas. In doing so, innovative AI applications can promote the goals of the European Green Deal, such as the decarbonization of the energy sector, the smart reduction of resource consumption, or even an environmentally friendly transport system and behavior.