The European Commission has set itself the goal of creating a single sustainable European data market for a secure and fair use of available data. In addition to the European Commission’s initiatives such as the European Open Science Cloud (ESOC), the Digital Europe Programme and Horizon Europe, numerous projects have been established to design a secure European data infrastructure. 

This should ensure the digital sovereignty of users as well as promote innovation. To this end, experts from research, business and politics develop a strategic framework for a European digital cross-linked system based on the values of openness, transparency and trust. 

The goal is an open and transparent digital service ecosystem in which data is available, merged, shared in a trustworthy manner, and services can be developed. Initiatives such as BDVA/DAIRO, IDSA and GAIA-X are thus an important part of the European data strategy. 

Within the framework of the Green Data Hub, we identify Austrian and European initiatives to join forces and shape a European sustainable data infrastructure. Cooperation is the guiding maxim for breaking down data silos. 

It is the European way to secure the digital sovereignty of users of cloud services and implement measures for climate neutrality as a united European Union.