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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is delighted to invite interested experts in technology and environmental efficiency matters to join its upcoming Workshop on Advancing Environmental Efficiency of Emerging Technologies and the 5th meeting of its Focus Group on AI for Environmental Efficiency (FG-AI4EE). The events will take place at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Straße der Wiener Wirtschaft 1, 1020 Vienna (Austria), and online, on 3-4 May 2022 from 09h30 to 17h00 (CEST), on both days.  

Participation is free of charge and open to all, with online remote participation on offer. Registration to both events is mandatory for physical and remote participants. When registering, please tick the box ‘’remote’’ if you will be participating remotely. Please note that to register, a free ITU user account is required – see tutorial on how to create one. The connexion link will be shared with registered participants in due course. 

 ITU Workshop, 3 May 2022 

Join to gain practical knowledge on the environmental impact of digital technologies and innovations to ensure sustainable and responsible AI development. Check out the programme here, and get all the details on the event page. 

 Focus Group meeting, 4 May 2022 

FG-AI4EE is an open-to-all platform that identifies standardization needs to develop a sustainable approach to AI and other emerging technologies. It develops a set of output reports (deliverables) aiming to address the environmental efficiency, water and energy consumption of emerging technologies. This 5th meeting will aim to review deliverables in progress, approve final drafts, and discuss experts’ contributions. 

Join the international group of experts and contribute to the development of FG-AI4EE’s deliverables!  Get all the details on the Focus Group homepage.


Please feel free to share this invitation to anyone in your network who could benefit in attending.  For questions, or assistance please contact ITU Secretariat ( 



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