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Do you want to contribute to environmental protection and generate business value together with strong partners?

In the Green Data Hub, cooperative sustainable use cases are developed in Data Spaces with economic, research and business development partners. Data Spaces enable cross-company data-driven cooperation. They are a simple and strictly controlled alternative for sharing data according to international standards. In a decentralized infrastructure, data is made available for sharing between trusted partners with the same standards and rules.

What can you expect in “How to do Data Spaces #1”?

In this webinar, we will inform you about the technologies that enable successful collaborative data use in a decentralized data service ecosystem and how you can add value to your business.


1. Introduction of the Data Intelligence Initiative (DIO) and the Green Data Hub (GDH).

2. Deep Dive into Data Spaces:

  • Goals and value generation through collaboration in Data Sapces
  • Terminologies
  • Benefits of decentralized use of data
  • How to create value with data spaces?
  • Technical requirements for Data Spaces: How does it work?
  • Data in Action: presentation of use cases

3. How to find potential partners for a use case?

4. Wrap-up

5. Any questions? Q&A session

6. Next steps

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