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Value in Energy Data Webinar

Energy Systems Catapult is pleased to invite you to the next session in the Value in Energy Data Webinar Series entitled ‘Open energy data and open data standards for improved public policy’ with Robbie Morrison.

Suitably licensed open data together with relevant open standards can contribute to better public policy for the much-needed energy transition, through more open science and improved public interest analysis.

This talk covers the legal context for such data, the role of public licensing, the role of open standards, the need for a collective agreement on semantics and metadata in particular, and the benefits of community curation.

The talk is limited to non-personal data that may be made public legitimately, thereby avoiding matters of personal and commercial privacy.

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About the speaker:

Robbie Morrison is an engineer from New Zealand now living in Berlin. He began working on high‑resolution energy systems models in 1995. In 2003, he added a GNU GPLv2+ open source license to the deeco codebase and tried to build a developer community.

He joined the Open Energy Modelling Initiative (or openmod) in 2016, 18 months after its formation, and is an active supporter. He began working on issues related to energy system data four years ago and occasionally engages with the European Commission and similar bodies on data legislation and licensing practices.

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