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Vienna Climate Challenge

After organising Hackathons as part of the WTZ-Ost (Knowledge Transfer Center East), resulting in fantastic, innovative, digital solutions for current societal challenges, University of Vienna, together with the City of Vienna, announced the date of the upcoming Hackathon 2022:

19-21 September 2022

Aula, Campus of the University of Vienna (Spitalgasse 2, 1090 Vienna, Austria)

Take a look at the agenda-draft.


The Hackathon is organised by the University of Vienna, together with the City of Vienna. Climate change imposes major challenges, especially for cities. The City of Vienna defines concrete goals and measures for the city’s climate package, this is where the Hackathon wants to pick up. Interdisciplinary teams will work on concepts for (participatory) digital solutions to current challenges faced by the City of Vienna on climate. Therefore on one hand challenges were framed that lead to a very specific outcome. On the other hand we present more open challenges, that raise issues, demanding creative solutions.

Background information can be found here:

The challenges concern the climate topics: climate-friendly neighborhoods, energy, circular economy and climate-appropriate behavior.


Vienna Climate Challenge

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