Data Space Energy Transition

Data-driven collaboration to support the energy transition

The Data Space Energy Transition deals with all aspects around the transition from the non-sustainable use of fossil fuels as well as nuclear energy to a sustainable energy supply by means of renewable energies, this is an essential step to protect the environment. There are numerous activities in the field of research and development to develop efficient solar cells or to use wind energy efficiently. Besides the efficiency to be optimized, the periodicity of renewable energies is another challenge. Furthermore, digitization plays a key role in the challenges of decentralization, flexibilization, efficient use of energy and stabilization of the networks. The success of digitization in the energy transition depends on the added value of the available data.

Output: The goal is to develop use cases that bring both economic and socio-ecological added value by networking a wide variety of actors along the data value chain and providing a data infrastructure. One example, which is currently being implemented, is the optimization of a district heating plant by using data from various data providers.

Maturity level: 3 (Technology selected)

Lead: DI Mag. Günther Tschabuschnig

Contact person DIO Team: DI Stephan Dietrich (

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