Data Services Ecosystem

The Green Data Hub connects you with stakeholders in your domain to build a data service ecosystem to best ensure the transition to a Green Economy. Your experience and feedback play an important role in this transformation. Join us in creating a sustainable, green European data services ecosystem!

Data Service Ecosystem

Data service ecosystems are a crucial factor in shaping digital transformation. This is precisely why we connect companies, organizations and public administration in the Green Data Hub, which build operationally functioning data circles with their data sets via the Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO).

Put simply, a data ecosystem is a network of data. In a data service ecosystem, data from numerous providers* is combined and made available by adhering to clear and common standards and rules.

By building our Green Data Hub data ecosystem, we enable innovation together with you towards a sustainable European data economy (new business models, innovative products and services, higher value creation and competitiveness).

Data Spaces 

The Green Data Hub empowers interconnected businesses, organizations and public administrations to realize their full digital potential in line with the goals of the European Green Deal.

To this end, we are building Data Spaces as part of the Data Intelligence Offensive, which foster concrete collaboration between trusted partners across company, industry and country boundaries. In our data spaces, we work with you to develop practical solutions for implementing the climate goals and the energy and mobility transition.

The open cooperation of the data room stakeholders builds trust and enables a controlled, secure and sovereign data exchange (while maintaining data sovereignty). To this end, we are supporting and evaluating the use of a special software solution in the Energy Transition and Climate Change & Risk Mitigation Data Spaces, which will enable the participating organizations to pilot the merging of data from different sources into a common uniform data structure in a protected and experimental framework.

Use Cases

A use case is a concrete case within a data room and consists of at least two participants. A use case ensures the exchange, use and trade of data sets in a clearly defined subarea.

Central to this is that the digital ecosystem only thrives through the participation of all actors in the data exchange! We invite you to help shape a sustainable data service ecosystem. Become part of our Green Data Hub!

The Green Data Hub is an initiative originating in Austria, with the goal of being internationally networked in the long term. After all, only together can we actively contribute to the development of a sustainable data economy in Europe and to the implementation of climate goals.