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Climate change has an impact on people’s health. The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is currently working on a study on this topic. They are therefore asking citizens* about their personal experiences and assessments in order to better understand what is important to them.

Information about the study

Increasingly, the impact of climate change on the health of the population is being recognized.

In the R&D funding programs benefit and AAL, projects in the thematic intersection of demographic change with useful applications based on information and communication technologies were funded over several years. The topics of health and care formed important focal points in the call for projects. Now these focal points are being further developed under the title “Digital solutions for people and society”. As part of this further development and the EU project proEthics, a pilot is being carried out in which important issues in the interplay between climate change, health and demographic change are being explored. At the same time, the potential of technological solutions will be considered.

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